Our Step By Step Guide For a Happy Move!

  1. Purchase moving boxes, tape, labels, markers, and mattress covers ahead of time. Purchase mattress covers from us at $20 a piece!

  2. Make a reservation with us 2 weeks prior to your move date. This way you're guaranteed to have your desired move-in date and time. If moving last minute we will try our best to fit you into our schedule.

  3. Reserve the loading dock and elevators if they are present at your move location. If you're moving to a street with no parking, you can reserve a parking space by contacting the Philadelphia street department traffic division at 215-686-5525. The closer we can get our truck to your residence, the less time your move will take, thus saving you money!

  4. If you have assembly required furniture, try disassembling it yourself. This will save you time and money. However, if you'd prefer us to disassemble / reassemble anything we will happily do so. If something requires a special tool please let us know so we can make sure to have it with us.

  5. Be sure to order the correct truck size! Underestimating, and reserving a smaller truck than neccessary will end up costing more money in the long run. A truck that is too small can result in multiple trips, more labor and loading hours, and a less enjoyable move. If you'd like us to come by ahead of time and help you determine the correct truck size for your move, just contact us and we will happily do so!
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  1. Try your best to avoid moving during rush hour. Roads such as I-76 can be a very scary place traffic-wise and Philadelphia's city traffic isn't much better. Moving during non-peak hours is sure to save you on your moving time.

  2. We pride ourselves in showing up on time and have a great track record of doing so. Unfortunately, we cannot always predict the future (although we try very hard to)! Please allow an additional hour in your schedule to compensate for any delays.

  3. Be careful when selecting your moving company! Many companies you find on sites like Craigslist are not really companies and don't have the proper insurance, equipment, and training. ALWAYS make sure to ask the moving company for proof of LLC, insurance and a moving contract thats specifies the rates, move dates, time, location, etc.